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How to Detect an LPG Leakage ?

How to detect the leakage?

Safety concerns, health concerns and liability concerns are the reasons LPG gases must be detected before getting bigger. Poor seals, leaky connections and valves are some causes of leakage. One must take the help of gas leak detection services to detect an LPG leakage before it’s too late. Gas leaks must be identified with non-destructive method to test the gas escaping into the air. Here are some methods to detect an LPG leakage
LPG gases Propane and Butane are odourless in natural state. It can be difficult to detect the gas if it is odourless. As a safety measure, a gas with rotten smell is added so that gas leakage can be detected and safety precautions can be taken on time.
The gas that is generally used as odorant is Ethyl Mercaptan. When the gas starts leaking, people can detect it easily due rotten odour of Ethyl Mercaptan. Hydrogen Sulphide is also a gas that smells like rotten egg and is added by the gas suppliers to add a pungent smell to the odourless LPG gas.
Use water and soap
If you doubt gas leakage, first, open up all the windows. At that point make a blend of fluid soap and water. Now turn on the gas systems to create a pressure. After that, wet the suspected parts with the liquid soap solution. If any bubbles appear, the leak has been detected.
Gas detectors
Detecting gases in a bigger area can be difficult. Commercial places are full of people and as the space is bigger, leakage often goes undetected. A good gas leakage detecting system helps in detecting the gas that leaks. Many gas detection systems provided by the gas installers can be attached to the valves that help in turning off the flow of the gas in the gas lines by shutting the safety valves.
What to do when leak is detected?
If gas leak has been detected, it is advised to open up all the windows and doors. Getting the place ventilated is necessary. One must call for help, either take help from your gas installers or call the emergency. People should vacate the area and must make sure that any kind of spark or fire is not ignited.

lpg for industrial use

LPG for industrial use

The multiple uses of LPG for industrial use of Diya Gas have blessed us with power, light, and fuel wherever we want.

LPG is a blessing since it is economical and green fuel. LPG for industries can be used for various processes like heating; power, packing and even powering forklift trucks. various fields where LPG has been recognized as irreplaceable are-




LPG for ceramic industries is used for the heating process to dry the clay. LPG can be controlled easily and can be controlled easily. LPG for the ceramic industry is used in tiles industry, sanitary ware, and pottery.


Food industry

Bakery, restaurants, and hotels are all dependent on LPG since it is a clean fuel and easy to control. The delivery is quick and it is readily available.


Metal industry

Metal industries require a lot of heating and therefore LPG comes as a solution for them as well. Some heating requires a more controlled temperature and therefore LPG comes as a good solution as it can be regulated easily with a knob. LPG for the industry is also used for galvanization and drying.


LPG for textile

Diya Gas provides heating, dying and ironing solutions for Textile industries. The textile industry has a huge demand for LPG since it is a clean fuel and easy to use.


Other industries

LPG is used in paper and cardboard industry as well. The papermaking process is long and requires heating, drying and many other processes where LPG is required. Even during printing, the drying process is important. LPG is the best source for fuelling thermal engine trucks.



LPG for Domestic Use

Benefits of LPG for Domestic Use

LPG is the most sought-after fuel when it comes to Domestic use. LPG is clean, efficient, economical and makes cooking easy.

Instant on/off

You have full control when it comes to fuel for domestic use. You have instant access to the on and off the knob and it can also be adjusted and regulated as per requirement.


Desired temperature

Since the knob is adjustable, you can control the temperature as per your desire. The rate of heating differs and thus you can adjust the knob as per your need.

Faster cooking

LPG for domestic use allows faster cooking and thus saves a lot of time.


Clean environment

The gas burner and cylinder and quite compact and can be easily installed. You need not create any kind of mess while using LPG for domestic use.

Green fuel

It creates the least greenhouse gas emission as compared to other fossil fuels. Also, it does not emit any harmful chemicals.

No smoke

No smoke is emitted while using LPG for domestic use, unlike wood, charcoal or kerosene. It does not even leave an ash behind.


Low maintenance

LPG For domestic use does not require any maintenance except for the burner to be serviced once in a while.

Safe to use

LPG for domestic use is the safest fuels amongst all and ensures a safe user experience. Diya Gas also provides free counseling for safety while using domestic LPG.


Diya Gas is a provider of LPG for domestic use and has captured a huge share in the market. Feel free to contact for Domestic, Industrial or Commercial LPG.



The Unique business opportunity

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What is Diya Gas?

Diya gas is one of Indias leading LPG suppliers helping the Indian households cooking food as it is Diya gas iconic vision to light the flame of hunger satiating food in every Indian household and businesses as well. Diya gas offers an opportunity of its strong franchise network to the buyers and investors helping them create their bright future. Diya gas has an intense franchise network in areas like Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan already and is further looking for PAN India expansion.

What is Diya Gas

Diya gas is backed by the vision of Mr.RamChanderSheoran who has got decades of valuable experience behind him of LPG supplying. What do we believe in at Diya Gas is continuous innovation and creativity, we understand that apart from doing business we have a social and moral responsibility for the society as well and we try our best to fulfill it.

The question is why us?

We at Diya gas understand the need of our customers and provide 24/7 customer support along with the best LPG quality gas possible. The safety of our customers is our priority and is of utmost significance to us. We provide quick installation services to our customers with variety of modules. The LPG we provide is in contrast to the customer satisfaction. We believe in providing easy and hassle free services to our loyal consumers. We are mentored and backed by one of the leading franchise consultancy companies i.e, franchisezing and it is because of their dedicated services that we are having this profitable franchise opportunity to expand aggressively.

What are your thoughts on the LPG Market that you provide service to?

Traditional application of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is for cooking purpose which was dominant driving factor and it is going to continue its impact on the growth of LPG MARKET over the forecast period.

LPG is considered more clean fuel as compared with coal and beneficial for environment and hence recommended by government. India is one of the countries which provides subsidy on LPG cylinder purchase. LPG market is expected to witness the growth due to its usage as transportation fuel, Domestic usage, Commercial and Industrial Usage owing to the low cost and environment friendly characteristics when compared with gasoline and diesel.

Due to increasing demand of gas and oil, LPG demand is also growing, making profits to industry. LPG is replacing other fuel substitutes due to its environment friendly characteristics, which is expected to drive the market in coming years. Increasing use of LPG in automobile and Industries is going to impact the LPG gas market over the coming era. Key drivers such as cost saving and emission norms are expected to drive the growth of LPG market. However, substitutes like CNG, coal, induction among others are expected to restraint the market growth. Distribution technology evolution of LPG such as distribution of LPG through pipeline is the major opportunity to increase the growth of the LPG market.

lpg gas cylinder connection

What are your expansion plans and future prospects? How will you be doing it?

1. Increase Distributor Network:
At present Company is having a network of more than 200 distributors. In the coming future company has planned to increase its distributor network. Currently company is having more than 200 distributors in Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi NCR.
2. Increase Bottling Plant Units:
At present DIYA GAS is having its first and chief LPG Bottling Plant at Village: Golagarh, District: Bhiwani, Haryana. Company is planning to set up more Bottling Plants in the coming future to cater other areas. As per the plans of the company, DIYA GAS is planning to set up units in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Bihar.
3. To enter into CNG Sector:
DIYA GAS is planning to enter into the CNG sector in the coming future. DIYA GAS has set its target to enter into this field in Aug 2017. For this company is indulged in the Survey, R&D and training.

What is the USP of your brand and Services?

DIYA GAS is strict to the following:

1. Quality: DIYA GAS is strict to its quality standards and never compromise with it at any cost. DIYA GAS maintains the ratio of C3(50):C4mix(50) during summers and C3(70):C4mix(30) during winters which is termed as the best ratio for all uses.
2. Customise Need of Customer: DIYA GAS is available in different varieties which has been designed after a deep survey to meet the need of different customers. DIYA GAS also give an option to customise the cylinders and the ratio of the Propane and Butane in the LPG as per the need.
3. Quantity: DIYA GAS cylinders are always sealed after the three stage inspection of the quantity and follow the norms of ISI and BIS for the packing of cylinders as well as for the Bulk LPG supply.

Customers has the option to ask for the weight of the cylinder during delivery of the cylinder either it is a domestic or commercial or industrial user.
4. Support & Emergency Services: Apart from all DIYA GAS provides 24*7 customer support and emergency services for all its customer and distributors.
5. Hassle free Instant Booking & Delivery: DIYA GAS provides the customers hassle free platform to book a cylinder, connection on a click through its Web Portal, Android App, IOS App, IVR.
DIYA GAS is committed to make the delivery 24*7*365 for its all customers.

What kind of services you provide which could benefit the customers and in what sense?

DIYA GAS BOTTLING PRIVATE LIMITED provides its offerings in following service


Commercial establishments such as Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers Resorts, Clubs, Cafes. Sweet shops, canteens, etc and other institutions such as hospital and hostels chooses DIYA GAS because of its products and services. Manifold installation and dedicated services.


Industries requires cost effective and efficient energy solution for various processes. In most applications, DIYA GAS is used as clean and cost effective fuel in furnaces, kilns, ovens, dryers, boilers, thermal fluid heaters, hot air generators etc.


  • For industries today, quality, costs, efficiency, environment, heat controllability, among others, are major concerns when it comes to choosing the right fuel.
  • In LPG addresses all these – making it the ideal fuel choice for a host of industrial applications.
  • LPG is a pure, clean energy source which provides even and controllable heat. This makes it the ideal heat and power source for a wide range of industrial uses.
  • Since LPG is almost free from sulphur, it can be used in sensitive situations such as chemical processes, etc.

Also used for space and process heating to power industrial ovens, kilns, furnaces, machinery and in food processing units.


  • Get your LPG manifold periodically serviced
  • Before carrying out any maintenance work, a work permit shall be obtained
  • Maintenance operations inside the LPG yard must be carried out by authorized service personnel only
  • No hot work like welding, cutting, heating shall be carried inside the LPG installation (fenced area)
  • All maintenance work for burners or combustion system should be carried out through authorized service personnel.


We have an extensive gas agency network. Currently our domestic gas agency network is present in Haryana, Rajasthan & Delhi NCR.

* 12kg cylinder price, inclusive of all taxes & duties.
* Delivery charges extra subjected to a max.Rs.30/-(3 Km radius)
** Subjected to price change every months


LPG predominantly consists of propane (C3) and butane (C4). LPG is gaseous at normal ambient i.e., surrounding temperature and atmospheric pressure. LPG can be stored as liquid at ambient temperatures and under moderate pressure (5-6 kg/cm2) i.e., 5-6 times of atmospheric pressure which is 1 kg/cm2. LPG meant for domestic/commercial/industrial use and conforms to Indian standards specification number IS 4576: (This is a standard specification laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards which is government body.
Packed Cylinder: 
1. 04 KG
2. 12 KG
3. 15 KG
4. 17 KG
5. 21 KG
6. 33 KG

Domestic and Commercial segment:

LPG cylinders of various sizes -5.5kg, 12kg, 15kg, 17kg.Serves a wide range of energy consumption for Households, Chat Stalls, Bakery, Small Eateries, Restaurants and Star Hotels using gas cylinders of various sizes -4kg, 12kg, 15kg, 17kg, 21 kg, 33 kg.

Industrial Segment:

LOT (Liquid Off Take) is an economical mechanism for higher LPG consumption especially in small scale industries and ancillaries using gas cylinder of sizes-33kgLOT and 33kgVOT (Vapour Off Take)


Serves the need of large energy consumers in industries and big commercial establishment through bulk LPG supplies along with complete engineering solution

Elaborate about the inspiring journey of your brand Diya? What were the ups and downs which you went through pulling off your brand?

I would like to introduce our company which will clear the journey of brand DIYA GAS Diya Gas is incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 company has its own bottling plant put up on a plot at Village: Golagarh, District Bhiwani, Haryana which employs the most modern and sophisticated technology to ensure safe and quick filling process. A technically qualified team ensures complete safety and quality in the bottling process. The safety procedures adopted are on par with the public sector giants in the field and conform to the standards set by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), Nagpur.

To ensure timely supply every time, Diya Gas has developed a fleet of carriers for BULK LPG and the distributors that ensure the cylinders are delivered to the dealer in time. The dealers on their part have a well-established system that delivers the cylinders at consumer’s doorstep. The response time on every booking is another reason that has made DIYA GAS a major player in the private sector.

DIYA GAS is committed to develop a strong dealer network to cater to the ever-growing demand for new LPG connections and also refilling requirements. Operating through a wide dealer network in North India, DIYA GAS has been able to keep its customers satisfied and happy. The service minded approach of the dealers and the customer support staff at the corporate office has been the strength of DIYA GAS.

DIYA GAS is used for various purposes like Domestic (cooking), Commercial (Restaurants & Hotels), Industrial, Hatcheries, silk industry, Gen-Sets. DIYA GAS cylinders come in 4 kgs, 12kgs, 15kgs, 17kgs, 33kgs LOT and 33kgs VOT . DIYA GAS having ICRA rating certified assures you that safety continues to remain our number one priority. The emphasis we place on the health and safety of all our employees and customers has not changed in 2 years and won’t be changing in the future.