LPG for Domestic Use

Benefits of LPG for Domestic Use

LPG is the most sought-after fuel when it comes to Domestic use. LPG is clean, efficient, economical and makes cooking easy.

Instant on/off

You have full control when it comes to fuel for domestic use. You have instant access to the on and off the knob and it can also be adjusted and regulated as per requirement.


Desired temperature

Since the knob is adjustable, you can control the temperature as per your desire. The rate of heating differs and thus you can adjust the knob as per your need.

Faster cooking

LPG for domestic use allows faster cooking and thus saves a lot of time.


Clean environment

The gas burner and cylinder and quite compact and can be easily installed. You need not create any kind of mess while using LPG for domestic use.

Green fuel

It creates the least greenhouse gas emission as compared to other fossil fuels. Also, it does not emit any harmful chemicals.

No smoke

No smoke is emitted while using LPG for domestic use, unlike wood, charcoal or kerosene. It does not even leave an ash behind.


Low maintenance

LPG For domestic use does not require any maintenance except for the burner to be serviced once in a while.

Safe to use

LPG for domestic use is the safest fuels amongst all and ensures a safe user experience. Diya Gas also provides free counseling for safety while using domestic LPG.


Diya Gas is a provider of LPG for domestic use and has captured a huge share in the market. Feel free to contact for Domestic, Industrial or Commercial LPG.


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