lpg for industrial use

LPG for industrial use

The multiple uses of LPG for industrial use of Diya Gas have blessed us with power, light, and fuel wherever we want.

LPG is a blessing since it is economical and green fuel. LPG for industries can be used for various processes like heating; power, packing and even powering forklift trucks. various fields where LPG has been recognized as irreplaceable are-




LPG for ceramic industries is used for the heating process to dry the clay. LPG can be controlled easily and can be controlled easily. LPG for the ceramic industry is used in tiles industry, sanitary ware, and pottery.


Food industry

Bakery, restaurants, and hotels are all dependent on LPG since it is a clean fuel and easy to control. The delivery is quick and it is readily available.


Metal industry

Metal industries require a lot of heating and therefore LPG comes as a solution for them as well. Some heating requires a more controlled temperature and therefore LPG comes as a good solution as it can be regulated easily with a knob. LPG for the industry is also used for galvanization and drying.


LPG for textile

Diya Gas provides heating, dying and ironing solutions for Textile industries. The textile industry has a huge demand for LPG since it is a clean fuel and easy to use.


Other industries

LPG is used in paper and cardboard industry as well. The papermaking process is long and requires heating, drying and many other processes where LPG is required. Even during printing, the drying process is important. LPG is the best source for fuelling thermal engine trucks.



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