private lpg gas suppliers

Who we are

Private LPG gas supplier company Incorporated under the Indian Company Act 1956, Diya Gas manage its own bottling plant located in the Golagarh, District Bhiwani in Haryana, by employing the most modern and sophisticated technologies for safe and clean bottling process ensuring all quality standard checks. We have a team of specialized field experts who are technically experienced in dealing with utmost care with all mandatory security and safety provisions. We adhere to the standards set by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), Nagpur, which makes us at par with the Public sector leaders in maintaining service standards and merit.

Our organization setup allows staying in touch with our customers who can reach us well in time for their requirement of LPG. We provide bulk LPG supply with the help of our massive fleet of carriers to the distributors ensuring timely delivery and a satisfied customer base. Our commitment to providing eco-friendly and pocket-friendly gas to our customers have made us one of the most reliable and sought after private companies of gas providers. We are well appreciated for not only our timely delivery but also for responding in time for every booking by our buyers and consumers alike.

We have a wide and expansive customer base and intense franchise network ranging from Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Haryana to Rajasthan. We plan to expand ourselves on a PAN India basis. We believe our customers are our strength and our entire focus is on building a healthy relationship based on delivering the quality product.

Our Vision

Our mission serves as a scaffold and roadmap that guides us in setting our vision that ensures quality, commitment resulting in contentment. We visualize Diya Gas to be a part of EACH HOME, EACH INSTITUTION, and EACH INDUSTRY.

Our Mission

We work with a commitment to create happy customers and a strong dealer network and have been successful in achieving targets by catering to an ever-growing market of LPG for commercial, industrial and domestic use. We, as a company value honesty, integrity and self-criticism resulting in self-analysis and improvement. We are a significant player in the LPG industry and our mission is to create a wide customer base and market value that helps us reach the pinnacle and contribute to the economic growth as well.


Diya Gas has been in the business of LPG supply in all fronts of its usage from domestic to commercial to industrial for a long time now.

We maintain an untarnished image of leading LPG providers in Northern India in private sector.

We are technology triggered working on the industrial standard practices followed by the public sector giants.

Our service headed and highly motivated customer care staff helps our customers round the clock with their assistance.

We offer an irrefutable 24 hour and timely doorstep delivery.

 We ensure that you don’t waste your precious time standing in queues.
We provide quality products.

We adhere to strict safety norms.

 We have a wide range of products ranging fron 4kg to LOT and VOT modules for domestic, industrial and commercial uses.
 Our installation procedure is quick.
 We provide free maintenance services regularly.

We provide easy distribution services.