What is the USP of your brand and Services?

DIYA GAS is strict to the following:

1. Quality: DIYA GAS is strict to its quality standards and never compromise with it at any cost. DIYA GAS maintains the ratio of C3(50):C4mix(50) during summers and C3(70):C4mix(30) during winters which is termed as the best ratio for all uses.
2. Customise Need of Customer: DIYA GAS is available in different varieties which has been designed after a deep survey to meet the need of different customers. DIYA GAS also give an option to customise the cylinders and the ratio of the Propane and Butane in the LPG as per the need.
3. Quantity: DIYA GAS cylinders are always sealed after the three stage inspection of the quantity and follow the norms of ISI and BIS for the packing of cylinders as well as for the Bulk LPG supply.

Customers has the option to ask for the weight of the cylinder during delivery of the cylinder either it is a domestic or commercial or industrial user.
4. Support & Emergency Services: Apart from all DIYA GAS provides 24*7 customer support and emergency services for all its customer and distributors.
5. Hassle free Instant Booking & Delivery: DIYA GAS provides the customers hassle free platform to book a cylinder, connection on a click through its Web Portal, Android App, IOS App, IVR.
DIYA GAS is committed to make the delivery 24*7*365 for its all customers.

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